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Surgical And Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss Solutions

Dr. Mustafa Alibhai

Dr. Mustafa Alibhai


Surgical And Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss Solutions

Fighting obesity can be a difficult struggle, yet an important one.

Over time obesity can stress your body and damage the system, compromising your overall health and decreasing your life expectancy.

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Alibhai and his team understand your goals regarding weight loss and the treatment of obesity. For many patients losing a significant amount of weight through exercising and dieting can fail to bring desired results. For such individuals, bariatric surgery combined with dietary counseling and medications can do wonders. Our team at NOVA gives each patient personalized care and works on a weight loss treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. We want to see you happy and healthy and promise to help you achieve it.

Bariatric Advantage

Bariatric Advantage

Bariatric Advantage nutritional supplements and products are scientifically formulated to meet the specialized nutritional recommendations for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery or are following a medically supervised weight-loss program. We believe that through quality and adherence to scientific principles, we can help support a vision of life-long health for bariatric patients.

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Multiple Weight Loss Options

We Also Offer Non-Surgical Weight Loss Plans Individualized For YOU

Extra weight on your body is only bad for your health, and getting rid of this unwanted fat should always be prioritized. But many patients fear surgical procedures that can impact their weight loss plan. However, it’s only unfair to live with obesity. At NOVA Bariatrics, you can work with a doctor and dietitian to jumpstart your journey to weight loss and improved health.

Acid Reflux in Irving, TX

Treatment and surgery for

Acid Reflux

We provide caring and dedicated treatment to patients with acid reflux, a chronic disease with acute outcomes. We know that each individual needs personalized therapy and that one pill fits all is an obscure theory. Our goal is to guide, treat and prevent. NOVA Bariatrics offers treatment of acid reflux and other conditions connected to the gastro-esophageal junction. Dr. Alibhai is determined to provide a compassionate treatment plan in a state-of-the-art medical center.

Robotic Anti Reflux Surgery

Robotic Hiatal Hernia Repair

Incisionless Anti Reflux Procedure

Hernia in Irving, TX

Treatment and surgery for


Most hernias cause slight pain and manageable symptoms, but some can be life-threatening. It’s easy to treat hernias through repair surgery and minimize the chances of severe complications. Our doctors diagnose and treat all hernia types, from common to rare ones. With years of experience, the latest imaging technology, and advanced surgical procedures, our surgeons can conduct open hernia surgery. For many individuals, minimally invasive surgical techniques are fruitful in treating hernia, resulting in less pain after the operation and quicker recovery.

Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Complex Robotic Hernia Repair

Inguinal Hernia

Patient’s Result

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It’s only fair that you should be able to see the before and after pictures of our patients treated with bariatric surgery and other weight loss procedures.

The da Vinci Xi

Long-term Weight Loss Surgery Using The Most Advanced Robotic Technology

Are you ready to experience the next level of surgical precision? Here at NOVA Bariatric, we work with a team of highly talented and exceptionally experienced surgeons… but we’re still interested in taking things a step further. By utilizing the most advanced technology available, we’re able to offer you a level of precision and care that is unmatched, with robotically-assisted surgical procedures.

Patient Reviews

My experience at Nova Bariatrics was extraordinary! As a first timer patient, referred to Dr. Alibhai by my PCP, I was anxious but was soon soothed by the warm greeting by Jen at the Front Window. I was also reassured by the Dr.’s calm and professional demeanor. He performed my in-office procedure quickly and to . . .


If I could give this practice 1000 ⭐ I would! Yep, my experience has been that great 💯 The office is clean, comfortable, and conveniently located. Jen, June, Caroline and all of the staff make you feel like family ☺.They take time to answer questions and be accommodating. During a time when you are fearful and facing medical . . .


Nova has friendly staff, clean facilities, structured process thus making my visits enjoyable. Dr. Alibhai is polite, considerate and doesn’t rush through his visits even when he’s running behind schedule. Despite waiting longer than expected, I enjoyed my visit and chose to work with him vs previous MD. Looking forward to seeing him . . .


What Do We Offer

The Best Bariatric Surgeon

Personalized Treatment Plans

Indeed some weight loss surgery clinics near you and beyond that have great options, but each patient requires unique care. There is a weight loss solution that’s just right for you, and NOVA Bariatrics and General Surgery uses knowledge and expertise to find you the perfect therapy.

Partnership on Your Journey

No one becomes obese overnight. Each of us gains pounds one at a time, and we lose them the same way. Dr. Alibhai understands that your weight loss journey is best carried out with a team to keep you motivated as you work towards hitting your goals. As one of the best doctors for surgical and medical weight loss, he personally invests in each of his patient’s successes and avails himself and his staff to assist you in reducing weight.

Easier Recovery

Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive surgical procedures to execute weight loss surgery, hernia repair, gallbladder removal, and acid reflux corrections. By doing so, we increase the likelihood that you will recover from surgery quickly and with lower risks of post-surgical complications.

Improving your Overall Health

Better Control Over Diabetes

Better Control Over Diabetes

Improving Health

Improving Health

Joint Pains

Getting Rid of Joint Pains

In-House Dietitian

NOVA Bariatrics offers virtual visits and a 24/7 in-house dietitian to give our weight loss surgery patients medical help and nutrition counseling on demand. Ever find yourself searching online for fitness or diet advice along your weight loss journey? Because NOVA Bariatrics and General Surgery is among the best clinics for surgical and medical weight loss near you. We give each of our patients access to the best resources, including the option of telehealth and internal nutritionist available all the time to attain notable and healthy weight loss results.

Healthy PB Cups

Healthy PB Cups

Sausage and Veggie Egg Muffins

Sausage and Veggie Egg Muffins

Summer Grilled Asparagus Salad

Summer Grilled Asparagus Salad

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