Nova Bariatrics and General Surgery brings you effective treatments – you can now have results as stunning as plastic surgery without needing to undergo the scalpel. Dr. Alibhai and his highly-trained team strive to provide you with efficient AccuTite treatment in Irving, Arlington, and Paris!

What is AccuTite

AccuTite, in simple terms, is a minimally invasive treatment that targets the smaller areas of your body, such as the face and the neck. It is a contouring treatment that incorporates RFAL, which stands for radio frequency-assisted lipolysis, improving the laxity and tightness of your skin.

Our AccuTite procedure will eliminate fat cells and help you achieve your body goals. When diet and fitness regimen do not come through, we can help you attain jaw-dropping results faster than you think. 

What Our AccuTite Treatment Helps With

You can opt for our AccuTite treatment for several issues. We can help you with facial contouring, skin remodeling, and reducing fat in small areas of your body. Here are some areas our AccuTite can treat:

  1. Forehead: You can get a brow lift, which opens up the entire eye area. You will appear younger and well-rested, thanks to our AccuTite procedure.
  2. Eyelids: If you have sagging skin and under-eye puffiness, our AccuTite treatment can address your concerns. Whether you need help with lower or upper eyelids, our non-surgical treatment will give you an enhanced lift.
  3. Smile Lines: There is nothing wrong with smiling, but many people are self-conscious about the smile lines their skin develops. Our AccuTite allows you to smile without worries, as it will work to smooth out the nasolabial folds or smile lines.
  4. Jawline and Jowls: You will have a dramatic transformation once we reduce the jowl with our AccuTite procedure, defining your jawline more. We will help accentuate your jawline by treating loose skin under your chin.
  5. Armpits: If you struggle with axillary puff or excess fat or skin close to your armpits, we can help you improve the area with our effective skin contouring solution.
  6. Upper Arms: Upper arms can develop fatty deposits and loose, saggy skin. AccuTite can give you smooth and slim arms that you can flaunt in sleeveless tops!
  7. Hands: Many people don’t pay attention to their hands, and they start aging. We understand your hands can make you self-conscious, which is why we bring effective treatments to rejuvenate the skin so it appears younger.
  8. Abdomen: You can define your abdomen and improve its appearance with AccuTite.

Benefits of AccuTite Treatment 

You can expect many benefits from our AccuTite treatment. We provide efficient services that address your concerns. AccuTite works on hard-to-reach areas of your face and body without resulting in large surgical scars. 

We will perform it under local anesthesia, and the treatment takes around 20 minutes only! A small session is all it takes to rejuvenate, tighten, and contour your skin. 

AccuTite lifts and tightens sagging brows and eyelids and smooths out the laugh line. The procedure can reduce excess fat, tightening loose skin in your neck, underarms, upper arms, abdominal areas, inner thighs, and more. 

Furthermore, it provides anti-aging benefits and gives you a youthful appearance!

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Nova Bariatrics and General Surgery wants you to have confidence in your skin. Our AccuTite treatment addresses many concerns. If you want to tighten your skin, lose excess fat, and appear younger, talk to us about AccuTite treatment. 

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