Is Bariatric Surgery Safe | Understanding The Pros And Cons

Jan 30, 2023625 Views

It’s completely normal to have concerns about the procedure, results or post-surgery risks when it comes to bariatric surgery or any other. Understanding the benefits and risks of bariatric or weight-loss surgery will help you better decide if it is safe for you or not. Cons of Bariatric Surgery A person will need bariatric surgery […]

What Foods Cannot Be Eaten After Bariatric Surgery?

Jan 15, 202350 Views

Often when people hear about bariatric surgery, the very next thing that comes to mind is the food they’ll have to avoid after the procedure. Every patient is different and will experience different post-surgery conditions. There are drinks and foods that cannot be eaten after bariatric surgery. We are not saying that these are the […]

Gastric Sleeve Surgery: What is It, Requirements, & How Long Does it Take?

Oct 30, 20223100 Views

Gastric sleeve surgery, another term for sleeve gastrectomy, is a bariatric surgery procedure. It is gaining popularity as it helps with severe obesity. Effective weight loss surely sounds like a major benefit. But what exactly is gastric sleeve surgery? To know about this stomach sleeve procedure in detail, carry on reading this blog. Gastric Sleeve […]