6 Ways Sleeve Gastrectomy is a Better Option than a Diet

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6 Ways Sleeve Gastrectomy is a Better Option than a Diet​

One of the most effective treatments to lose weight is sleeve gastrectomy. It’s a popular type of bariatric surgery out there because of its life-changing benefits. This surgery option aims to make the stomach smaller, so that people can’t eat as much as they used to. Studies show that weight loss surgery helps people with obesity lose dramatic amounts of weight. It also is safer for long-term health outcomes than traditional treatment like dieting. The American Diabetes Association also recommends weight loss surgery as a safe and effective option for people with chronic obesity.

Unfortunately, some people are still skeptical about sleeve gastrectomy.

Unfortunately, some people are still skeptical about sleeve gastrectomy. A poll data shows that most Americans have a misconception that weight loss surgery is dangerous and ineffective. They believe that dieting is a better way to lose weight. In this blog, we’re going to shed light on the long-touted idea that dietary changes are better than sleeve gastrectomy. It is important to note, however, that the prospects for sleeve gastrectomy must have a BMI greater than 40.
  • It is effective. Sleeve gastrectomy is performed primarily as a standalone procedure that helps patients lose anywhere from 55 to 70% of their excess body weight. Studies report that sleeve gastrectomy helps improve quality of life and treat symptoms of weight-related conditions. Patients themselves attest that their condition is completely resolved after surgery. In fact, the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery recognizes that sleeve gastrectomy is a treatment option for type 2 diabetes.
  • It diminishes appetite. Because a significant portion of the stomach is removed, the production of hormones which regulates hunger and appetite is lessened as well. Hence, patients can’t eat as much and feel less hungry leading to a steady weight loss over time.
  • It improves heart health. Sleeve gastrectomy decreases the risk of heart failure, hypertension, stroke an. A finding published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that sleeve gastrectomy leads to improved heart health and good control of sugar. Weight loss surgery can help prevent the risks of high blood pressure, stroke and hypertension. A patient can return to a normal lifestyle after surgery.
  • It is safer for high-risk patients. Sleeve gastrectomy is increasingly identified as the most effective treatment for patients with conditions that place them at a high risk (as compared to other forms of weight loss surgery).
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