7 Myths About Gastric Bypass Surgery

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7 Myths About Gastric Bypass Surgery​

Most people think that obesity is just a weight-related problem. However, many studies have reported that obesity actually affects other organs and causes serious issues with a person’s overall health and lifestyle. While there are various weight loss treatment options available to help curb obesity, one of the most popular weight loss options is gastric bypass surgery.  There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding gastric bypass surgery procedure. This unfortunately creates a barrier for obese people to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Below are some of the common myths about gastric bypass surgery:

1. Gastric bypass is risky

All surgeries carry several risks, which is why you should discuss your decision with your physician prior to having a surgery. Gastric bypass surgery, however, is in fact a safe procedure especially when performed by a qualified bariatric surgeon. Modern advances in gastric bypass procedure have made it a much safer and less invasive surgery with a shorter recovery time. For most patients, the significant improvements seen in the overall health of a gastric bypass surgery patient far outweigh the risks of having the surgery.

2. The recovery process in the hospital is long

Since gastric bypass is a minimally invasive procedure, it avoids the need for large abdominal incisions. The rest of the stomach remains intact which results in less pain, shorter hospital stays and of course, faster recovery. Typically, full recovery from the procedure is expected to take around two to three weeks. Some patients can even walk just a couple of hours after surgery and are discharged the same day or the morning after their procedure.

3. Gastric bypass is cosmetic

Weight loss surgeries will definitely transform your appearance, but it’s not just about making patients look skinny. Like any other surgeries, gastric bypass surgery has to be taken seriously and handled with care by expert healthcare practitioners and the patients themselves. You should also have a detailed discussion with your insurance provider to determine what aspect of the procedure can be covered by insurance. Most health insurance companies follow the National Institute of Health (NIH) guidelines for determining the coverage for weight loss surgery. If you have obesity-related problems, the chances of having your procedure covered by insurance are higher.

4. Gastric bypass is an easy way out of obesity

Several studies show that people who have chronic obesity have developed resistance against the effects of exercise and diet. These patients find that maintaining a healthy weight can be quite challenging and at times, nearly impossible. This is why gastric bypass surgery are only one of the few options that seem to work for these patients. However, gastric bypass procedure doesn’t work like a “magic wand”. Rather, it’s an effective method to make significant weight loss achievable. There’s still a lot of hard work that patients must undergo. It takes months of preparation and requires having drastic lifestyle changes to achieve weight loss success.

5. Gastric bypass leaves unwanted scars

Most weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass are performed laparoscopically, which means it results in minimal scarring. Expert bariatric surgeons are able to perform small  incisions in the abdomen area so the scars tend to fade eventually. This surgery technique also entails a faster recovery process.

6. You can’t have kids after gastric bypass

Gastric bypass doesn’t have an effect on being able to have children. Fertility rates actually increase after gastric bypass surgery in both men and women. Most women patients are advised to wait for 12 to 18 months after gastric bypass surgery before attempting to get pregnant.
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