Best Ways to Lose Weight During Quarantine

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Best Ways to Lose Weight During Quarantine​

Let’s face it. It’s been an eventful year, and you’ve got plenty of things to worry about besides weight loss. While it’s okay to not worry about weight loss at this time, weight gain can have long-term negative effects on the body and mind if left unhandled. Though we may be living in stressful times, there are effective ways to lose weight during quarantine so you can get back some control of your life. If you’re starting to feel as though you’re living in a fog, then you are not alone. Americans are spending more time at home, and the isolation can be energy draining. The new normal brings a new way of living, but many of us are still figuring out what that means for our day to day lives. It’s hard to accept for many people, overweight or not, that they are in full control of what they say and do. This is the same for our eating habits, and developing good, consistent habits will help everyone get back on track.


One of the best ways to lose weight during quarantine is to stick to a fun and easy exercise routine. By now you’ve heard about the numerous benefits of exercise, but how do you take care of your physical health during a pandemic? Surely, COVID-19 has inconvenienced the world’s most fit athlete let alone those who’ve never acquired a gym membership in their lives. But what if we told you that you can enjoy the benefits of exercise without ever leaving the house? That’s right! You can get fit and reduce the spread of the virus right from the comfort of your own home. The first thing you want to do is determine a workout space. Be sure you use this space for exercise and not for just reading a book, eating a meal, lying down etc. We recommend you tell other people in your household about this space. Make sure they know that this space is for you and your exercise routine. This basic communication strategy will help you lose weight during quarantine. That way you won’t be bombarded with distractions. Even if you don’t have much privacy, letting people know your needs ahead of time will help establish boundaries.

There’s Magic in Numbers

For those who need a little more accountability, get a fitness partner! You and your workout buddy can keep each other on track and celebrate each other’s victories big or small. In quarantine, your fitness partner will most likely be a family member or romantic partner. This is a great opportunity to build trust, support, and practice communication. Exercising with loved ones can help you both lose weight during quarantine and improve the relationship as a whole.

Cut Down on Snacking

You may have heard talk about the infamous “Quarantine Fifteen.” The reason why so many people have gained weight during lockdown is because they are eating more and moving less. The realities of COVID-19 have impacted us all in negative ways. It’s no secret that we are living in unprecedented times and some days it’s difficult to focus on the bright side. Many Americans have turned to frequent, unhealthy snacking as ways to cope with the uncertainties of the new normal. Many people snack out of pure boredom. If you’re snacking because you are bored, try taking up a new hobby like reading and writing, painting, crocheting, gardening, or other mind-stimulating activities can be done at home.
Those who struggle with anxiety, addiction, or depression are at a bigger disadvantage. Sugar and carbs temporarily improve our moods because they provide short bursts of energy. We feel good in the moment, but the sugar-crash is an instant disaster. Refined sugars and processed foods will ultimately drain our energy, worsen our moods, and may leave us feeling tired and achy.
If you struggle with food addiction, try eliminating snacking altogether and focus on eating three healthy meals a day. Remember that planning is key (insert internal link). When you schedule your meals, you can gain control of your eating habits and lose weight during quarantine.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Resting as a way to lose weight during quarantine may sound like a contradiction. “I’m resting all the time,” you may be thinking. “How much more down time do I really need?” Remember that binging Netflix or reading articles on the internet will not bring you the same benefits as a good night’s rest.
One way sleep can help you lose weight is by decreasing your appetite. A lack of sleep can cause your brain to release the hunger-inducing hormones like Ghrelin and Cortisol. Ghrelin signals hunger in the brain when it’s time to eat. However, without a proper night’s rest, the brain acts from a place of scarcity and releases hunger signals whether the body needs them or not. Similarly, a lack of sleep can increase stress, signaled by the hormone Cortisol.
Going to bed early can decrease your appetite and stress, helping you to lose weight during quarantine no matter where you are.
Before beginning any diet or fitness routine, always consult a physician.
At Nova Bariatrics and Minimally-Invasive Surgery, we understand that weight loss and healthy living can be a daily struggle for many. With harness over experience and expertise to help those patients who have been unable to achieve significant weight loss through diet and modifications and exercise alone. Our team at NOVA works with each patient individually to find the appropriate solution for weight loss and restoration of one’s health.


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