How to Lose Belly Fat the Right Way?


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How to Lose Belly Fat the Right Way?

There are many ways to lose belly fat, such as exercise, dieting, running, etc. however, sometimes the only solution is weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery can be life-changing for those who want to reduce body weight. Any surgery involves certain risk factors, and weight loss surgeries require permanent lifestyle changes post-operation. For this reason, doctors do not consider surgery unless there are certain reasons such as-
  • If the person has a body mass index of more than 40 or is more than 100 pounds overweight.
  • If the BMI is more than 35 and has an obesity-related issue.
  • Has the capacity to change their diet to make sure surgery works right and does not face any complications Has tried conventional weight-loss strategies but received no success.
  • Gastric bypass is one of the most popular forms of weight loss surgery. But there are more options available now and with so many alternatives, finding the right one for you might feel overwhelming. There are three main weight-loss surgeries being performed across the US.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery has been around for more than 20 years. The procedure involves cutting across the top of the stomach to make a pea-sized pouch. The surgeon then joins the pouch to the small intestine so that the food bypasses the stomach and directly falls into the small intestine. It is a combined process, which means that it restricts the portion size and minimizes food absorption, a process known as “malabsorption.”

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy removes around 80% of your stomach. This has the same effect as gastric bypass, decreasing the amount of food a person can consume. As the stomach is smaller, surgery also affects the production of many hormones. This can help you to feel full more quickly and help to reduce food cravings. Sleeve gastrectomy is quite similar to gastric bypass and is a less invasive operation that needs a shorter hospital stay, according to ASMBS.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Safe?

While searching for weight loss surgery doctors near me, or any other surgical procedure, it is normal to have safety concerns. Let’s look at the risk factor of bariatric surgery. When we put the risk of living with obesity (including issues like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, increased chances of premature death) in comparison to bariatric surgery, the risks are minimal. Some potential risks of weight loss surgery may include developing kidney stones, dumping syndrome, not losing the needed amount of weight, or weight regain. However, most people who go through bariatric surgery and agree upon a sustained weight loss see a significant improvement in their overall health. Having a healthier weight can help get rid of sleep apnea, improve high blood pressure, reverse type 2 diabetes, and may lead to a longer, healthier life. Bariatric surgery is one of the safest surgical procedures. Sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass procedures use a laparoscopic approach to decrease the risk of any complications. At Nova Bariatrics, Dr. Alibhai and his team perform one of the highest volumes of bariatric surgeries in Texas. Experienced surgeons such as Dr. Gulamhusein are associated with enhanced outcomes and reduced likelihood for any surgical complications.

Some Other Benefits of Bariatric Surgery Besides Helping You Lose Weight

  • Remission for type 2 Diabetes One study showed that bariatric surgery could cause long-term remission of diabetes.
  • Relief of depression- Obesity can lead to depression due to poor body image and social stigma. Losing excess weight may enhance emotional health in these patients.
  • Improves cardiovascular health-Weight loss surgery reduces a person’s risk of coronary heart issues, peripheral heart diseases, and stroke. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels return to normal post-surgery and reduce these risks, which lead to improved overall health.
  • Relief sleep apnea- Achieving and maintaining a normal weight range allows people with sleep apnea to stop using CPAP machines before going to bed.
  • Joint pain relief- Carrying around excess weight puts pressure on your weight-bearing joints, which often leads to chronic pain and joint damage. The significant weight loss after bariatric surgery relieves joint pain and allows people to stop using pain medications and move around freely.
  • Improve fertility- According to studies, weight loss surgery can improve fertility during the childbearing years.


Bariatric surgery is very safe, and when done by a knowledgeable and experienced team of doctors and staff, it comes with no risk at all. At Nova Bariatrics, we take good care of our patients and help you decide the right procedure for you. We are available every step of the way to support and guide our patients along their weight-loss journey. Take the first step towards a healthier life, and contact us today.
Dr. Mustafa Alibhai
Dr. Mustafa Alibhai


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