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How to Beat Obesity & Lose Weight Without Dieting | DFW | NOVA Bariatrics

Oct 16, 20201679 Views

You, yes YOU, CAN lose weight without dieting and beat obesity… FOR GOOD. In fact, losing weight without a diet is the best way to win the battle against obesity. Diets are often temporary trends for good reason: the results don’t last. That’s not to say, some people don’t achieve significant weight loss on diets. […]

Weight-Loss Surgery for Teens? Here’s What You Need to Know

Oct 14, 20201662 Views

Should I Consider Weight-Loss Surgery for My Teen? Childhood obesity is a growing concern. According to national data, 4.5 million children in the United States are classified as “severely obese.” While some children and teens can lose a few pounds through diet and exercise, traditional methods won’t help those suffering from long-term obesity. The good […]

We’re Proud to Launch Our Nova Bariatrics Minimally Invasive Surgery Store!

Oct 14, 20201661 Views

The Nova Bariatrics Minimally Invasive Surgery Store is Now Live We’re proud to announce that Nova Bariatrics now has an online store for all your weight-loss needs. Weight-loss surgery is a big commitment, and you deserve only the best support around. Our healthy, affordable products will help you manage post-surgery life with ease. Shop now […]

Considering Robotic Anti-Reflux Surgery? Here’s What You Should Know

Oct 14, 20201664 Views

Robotic Anti-Reflux Surgery can remedy heartburn. Heartburn is a common term used to describe a number of digestive problems. Many Americans experience this sensation at least once a month. Common symptoms include a burning sensation that radiates through the chest and into the throat and neck. Other symptoms include vomiting and difficulty swallowing. In the […]



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