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Medicaid and Weight Loss Surgery Cost

Jun 15, 20222300 Views

Nothing hurts more than those numbers not moving an inch, even with rigorous exercises and diet facades, when it comes to weight loss. For some people, it is more than mere few pounds of extra weight on them, to the point where their lives are at risk. In that situation, surgery comes into play. So, […]

Nova Bariatric Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Center in Dallas

Jun 14, 20223559 Views

If you are looking for a surgical weight loss solution, there is no better option than the gastric sleeve. Since it is considered a drastic procedure and comes with natural risk, you should find the best gastric sleeve weight loss center in Dallas. At Nova Bariatrics, we are proud to be the most renowned gastric […]

Weight Loss Surgery For Teens — Is It Really Possible?

May 30, 20224214 Views

People often view weight loss surgery as an easy way out — the answer to all their problems. However, in reality, bariatric surgery should only be considered in cases of extreme weight gain. That is, if you are facing major health concerns and problems in your day-to-day life due to your weight, only then would […]

Medical Weight Loss — Surgical & Non-Surgical Options You Can Consider

May 30, 20222121 Views

Weight loss can be a challenging aspect for many individuals. Usually, people start with exercise and diets to shed off a few kgs. However, sometimes, even diligent diet and physical activity does not seem to make a prominent difference, which might leave you hopeless. But before you think you’ve tried it all — think again! […]

What does a Gastric Sleeve Diet Plan Look Like?

May 19, 20221865 Views

The Gastric sleeve diet plan is a healthy way of losing weight by eating food that can fill your stomach and prevent you from craving food frequently. A gastric sleeve has become one of  the most popular procedures for weight loss, where a small portion of the stomach is removed to achieve significant weight loss […]

5 Promising Tips to Shrink Your Stomach & Lose Belly Fat

May 15, 20222149 Views

Are you wondering how to shrink your stomach? Although shrinking a stomach sounds like a clickbait title, it is actually a medical solution for losing belly fat. If you have a large belly, chances are you will be at risk of health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and more. Therefore, losing belly fat is […]

What To Eat Before And After Gastric Sleeve Surgery | An In-Depth Guide

Apr 30, 20224267 Views

Weight loss surgery can be pretty tempting and, at times, prove to be extremely beneficial, especially if your weight causes problems in your day-to-day life. Gastric sleeve surgery is one such treatment that offers relief from all your troubles. Not only does it help to improve your health, but it also provides a long-term cure […]

Acid Reflux Diet | A List Of Foods To Eat And Avoid

Apr 15, 20222177 Views

Have you ever felt a weird burning sensation in your chest, especially after eating a loaded meal? If so, it might be due to acid reflux. This in itself is not as worrisome since everyone experiences heartburn once in a while. However, if you frequently find yourself wincing from the burning feeling in your chest, […]

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Requirements

Mar 29, 20223825 Views

For many people with severe obesity, gastric sleeve surgery may be the most appropriate treatment. Gastric sleeve surgery is classified as bariatric surgery. In gastric sleeve surgery, a surgeon will use laparoscopic tools to make an incision in the abdomen and create a small gastric tube. The objective of gastric sleeve surgery is to limit […]

Does Medicaid Cover Weight Loss Surgery in Texas?

Mar 29, 20221986 Views

In many cases, weight loss surgeries become necessary for patients. Dealing with obesity is tough, leading to various health problems. Moreover, obesity can get out of control. Many have gone for alternative weight loss programs and management with no luck. Sometimes weight loss surgery can be the only solution to achieve a healthy weight and […]



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