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What to Expect When You Have Robotic Gallbladder Surgery

At NOVA Bariatrics, we specialize in Cholecystectomy, or robotic gallbladder surgery. Studies show that if you are overweight, you are at a higher risk for developing gall bladder issues. This is because obese people tend to have more cholesterol and bile which can lead to gallstones. Being overweight can also increase the size of your gallbladder which can result in a number of issues impacting your health and well-being. If you are overweight and have recurrent gallbladder issues, then you might consider robotic gallbladder surgery so you can remove the problem and improve your quality of life. While cholecystectomy may sound intimidating, this procedure is not as complicated as it sounds!

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Dr. Alibhai

With Dr. Alibhai’s training in minimally invasive and robotic surgery, he performs a wide range of general surgical procedures as well including:

  • Robotic Gallbladder surgery
  • Robotic hernia surgery
  • Acid Reflux surgery

Mustafa H. Alibhai,MD,FACS,FASMBS

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But first the basics:

What is Robotic Gallbladder Surgery
Surgeons use what’s called Da-Vinci technology to remove the gallbladder by making very small incisions. Da-Vinci technology allows surgeons to perform minimally-invasive surgery. This leads to less trauma to the nerves and tissue, less scaring, less pain, and a faster recovery time. We know this may sound overwhelming, but with the right facility and team, you will be in and out of your procedure in no time at all. NOVA Bariatrics is known in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for our kind and knowledgeable staff. Our cutting-edge robotic technology delivers the results you want FAST. At NOVA Bariatrics, we ensure that all patients are comfortable, safe, and supportive throughout their health and weight loss journeys. Surgery of any kind is a big step so there are a few things you should keep in mind before taking your healing journey to the next level.

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Why You Should Consider robotic gallbladder surgery?

There comes a time when treatment is no longer effective no matter how much medicine you are prescribed. If this is the case, then surgery may be right for you. Gallbladder surgery has many long-term benefits including less nausea, more energy, and a better immune system.

Other Types of Surgery We Offer:

We offer a comprehensive range of minimally invasive weight-loss procedures and lifelong support. Weight-loss can feel overwhelming, but we assure you that you are not alone. We are with you every step of the way and believe in the power of your choice to live a stronger and healthier life.

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Bariatric Surgery includes a variety of procedures that help people manage and/or eliminate obesity. The most common type of weight-loss surgery we offer is gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery leads to weight loss by making surgical changes to your stomach and digestive system. This results in a beneficial loss of appetite. This will limit how much food you eat ultimately leading to your desired weight loss. The 29% adult obesity rate for Dallas, TX shows us that there are many individuals who can and will improve their health and well-being. With the realities of COVID-19, we can’t enjoy our sunny, Texas summers in the same way we used to. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t stick to a fun and reliable exercise routine to improve your health during the pandemic. If you find that simple exercise routines are not enough, you might want to consider bariatric surgery. At NOVA Bariatrics, we evaluate a number of different factors to ensure a successful and safe procedure.
If you’re considering Bariatric surgery, we evaluate the following:
  • Your BMI or Body Mass Index
  • Your Medical History
  • Financial Needs/Concerns
  • How long you’ll need to be out of work due to recovery time
  • When you can return to a normal exercise routine
Bariatric surgery is one of many ways to help you along your weight loss journey. Once you truly commit to the journey, you lower your risk of developing a variety of complications that could lead to additional surgeries like robotic gallbladder removal. 2020 has been a challenging year for us all, Texans specifically. But we know that the resilience of families in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is helping us all build a better and brighter future for all. Remember that no matter what life may bring, you are in charge of your health. There are many ways to stay healthy and active during these challenging times. All you must do is research, learn, and commit to a healthier way of life.

Know Your Resources

Even if the healthissue and/or solutions are obvious, you must always consult your doctor before any kind of surgery. According to Johns Hopkins University, you must always ask the following of your doctor before committing to surgery:
  • What is the operation being recommended?
  • Why is the procedure needed?
  • What are my alternatives to this procedure?
  • Are there other treatment choices available based on my medical condition?
  • What are the benefits and risk of this surgery?
  • Is a second opinion required?
  • What type of anesthesia is required?
  • What can I respect during surgery?

And any other information you’d like to know. Knowledge is your right so don’t worry about asking your doctor too many questions.

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Dr. Mustafa Alibhai is the founder of NOVA Bariatrics and Minimally Invasive Surgery in DFW. He is a board certified and fellowship trained bariatric and minimally invasive surgeon in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Dr. Alibhai is well known among his patients for his thoughtful and patient approach. He firmly believes that weight loss is a journey and commits to his patients’ success by walking alongside them every step of the way.
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