If you are looking for a solution to remove excess body fat, Nova Bariatrics and General Surgery has the answer. We provide efficient BodyTite treatment in Irving, Arlington, and Paris. Dr. Alibhai will work alongside his experienced team to provide skin tightening and fat removal. 

What is BodyTite

BodyTite is an advanced procedure providing contouring, contraction, and refinement. It uses radio-frequency assisted lipolysis or RFAL technology.

We offer this minimally invasive treatment that contracts and contours different body parts without leaving behind large visible scars. Our expert professional will remove the fat, and you will not have to worry about the saggy, wrinkly skin that can result from other forms of liposuction.


What Areas Does BodyTite Treat

We use advanced technology to provide you with the latest solutions. Our BodyTite procedure targets different areas of your body, including the stomach, chest, knees, arms, etc.

We can even treat more than one area in a single session! Here are some areas our BodyTite treatment can treat:

  1. Arms: Do you want toned-up arms? Our BodyTite treatment can remove excess fat on your upper arm and tighten the skin. You will notice effective results similar to a surgical arm lift but without any scarring.
  2. Abdomen: BodyTite treatment uses radiofrequency technology to tighten the skin. You will notice immediate, dramatic results as the procedure will reshape your abdominal area. Your confidence will be ten times more when you see the stunning results!
  3. Love Handles: We can trim away the love handles with our BodyTite procedure. Weight gain, aging, genetics, pregnancy, and other factors can cause excess fat in your waist, known as love handles. You can consult our expert to get rid of this stubborn fat and accentuate your hips!
  4. Thighs: Attain the thigh gap and flaunt your dream summer body with our help. Our BodyTite procedure will treat the inner thigh in a way that your leg looks equally proportioned and consistent. You can also discuss how you want your outer thigh to appear, and we will help you achieve your vision.
  5. Bra Line Fat: Do you have fat rolls on your back? It is called bra line fat, and BodyTite treatment can address this issue. We will work to reduce the sagging skin, bulges, and rolls along your bra line, helping you appear slimmer.

BodyTite Treatment Benefits

BodyTite treatment is a FDA-approved procedure for reducing fats in your arms, breasts, knees, belly, and thighs. Once you trust our BodyTite treatment, you can explore the benefits it offers. 

The RFAL treatment dissolves small amounts of fats that are carefully eliminated. Moreover, it will tighten droopy skin and make your body look much better than before. The sessions are quick, taking as short as half an hour for small treatment areas. 

Embrace your beauty and feel confident with our BodyTite treatment that tightens and contours your skin. Your dream body is closer than you think!

Call Our Experts Today!

Nova Bariatrics and General Surgery offers high-quality BodyTite treatment. You can achieve your dream body with our effective and efficient services. Visit or call us today for further consultation.
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