Acid Reflux

How Does Weight Gain Worsen Acid Reflux?

Mar 30, 2024690 Views

Millions of Americans suffer daily from a heartburn episode, and it is often a symptom of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). This condition damages your esophagus and causes serious discomfort that interferes with daily life activities. While occasional heartburn is normal, frequent episodes are a red flag and usually a common issue with obese people. So, […]

Dietary Modifications To Ease Acid Reflux

Jan 15, 20241558 Views

Properly planned management of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) starts with an accurate diagnosis from a gastroenterologist. You must take proper action towards treating chronic reflux since it does not naturally resolve itself. Long-term use of over-the-counter medications merely masks underlying issues; therefore, we urge you to plan dietary modifications to deal with your acid reflux […]

How Long Does An Episode Of Acid Reflux Last?

Oct 15, 20231873 Views

That painful burning sensation in your chest is called heartburn, which results from acid reflux and can be quite uncomfortable. However, since it is quite common among people, extensive research has been done on it. If you have questions like, “How long does acid reflux last?” or, “How can I treat my heartburn?” This blog […]

Connection Between Back Pain and Acid Reflux

Sep 30, 20233374 Views

Experiencing back pain after a hearty meal may indicate minor digestive issues, but the relationship between back pain and gastrointestinal reflux disease is more complex than that. Whether or not you have a heavy meal, acid reflux due to GERD will leave you with excruciating back pain. If this happens often, read along to find […]



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