Dietary Counseling

Dietary Counseling

It is essential to pay attention to the type of food you consume, since it directly affects your health. With so much misleading nutrition advice available today, you should look towards reliable sources like NOVA Bariatrics located in Arlington, Irving and Paris, Texas for help. For elderly individuals at nutritional risk due to health conditions, medications, or chronic illness, registered dietitians offer counseling services to help them make healthier dietary choices. Simply call or use our website now to book an appointment!

What Is Dietary Counseling?

With the NOVA Bariatrics dietician’s valuable nutritional counseling sessions, patients are able to gain an understanding of the important nutrients their body needs and how different foods can provide these essential elements for optimal health. Additionally, we customize each session taking into account food preferences, medical history, current health issues and lifestyle factors that may impede healthy eating habits. This enables our clients to make lasting changes in order to achieve improved wellness outcomes through dietary adjustments!

What Is Dietary Counseling

Advantages of a Dietary Wellness Service in Texas

The ties between what we consume and our emotional and physical being are immensely intricate. With several components having influence on our wellbeing, a dietitian can help you reach your aspirations. The advantages of nutritional wellness are many:

  • Tailored goal-setting that is unique to you and your circumstances.
  • Enhancing your bond with food.
  • Developing the assurance to make informed choices about food and nutrition.
  • Healthier bodies and minds, both emotionally and physically.
  • The effective management of medical diagnoses, including diabetes, renal health issues, food allergies and gastrointestinal ailments is critical.

Do not delay in getting the help you, or somebody close to you, requires – let us assist you on your path towards health and wellness. Evidence-based dietary services are available in Texas for both individuals and their families to reap the benefits of a balanced diet’s influence on mental wellbeing. The bond between nourishment and emotional stability is compellingly strong!

How Nutrition Services Work

When you reach out to NOVA Bariatrics, we will book your first appointment with one of our registered Dietitians. At this initial session, they’ll get to know who you are and what nutritional objectives motivate you as well as explore your eating patterns, medical background, attitude towards food and any medicines that may be in play. With all the data collected from this assessment we can tailor a plan specifically for YOU!

Upon creating your plan of action, we will be available to you regularly – typically every week – with the intent to foster lasting modifications in behavior. Our ambition is for you to shape a lifelong bond with food that is beneficial and safe.

Unleash Your Path to Weight Loss Success!

Here at NOVA Bariatrics, we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing the utmost care and compassionate customer service. With three Texas locations – Arlington, Irving, and Paris – you can trust that your weight loss objectives are in good hands with us. Our highly-trained staff is confident in their surgical prowess and will ensure a successful outcome for all of our patients.

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