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Dr. Mustafa Alibhai, MD, FACS, FASMBS

Dr. Moustafa Alibhai is the founder of NOVA Bariatrics and Minimally Invasive Surgery in DFW. He is a board certified and fellowship trained bariatric and minimally invasive surgeon in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He is extensively trained in performing the most effective surgical and non-surgical medical weight loss procedures to date. He is especially skilled in robotic surgery which he uses to execute a wide range of general surgical procedures to give his patients the fastest & easiest recoveries possible.

Dr. Alibhai is well known among his patients and community for his thoughtful and patient approach. He firmly believes that weight loss is a journey and commits to his patients’ success by walking alongside them every step of the way. He dedicates time to help guide each patient with solutions and  individualized treatments that will work best for them.


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Surgical Options at the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute at Medical City Las Colinas

One of the Best Weight Loss Doctors in Dallas

Surgical Weight Loss Solutions

Weight loss surgeries, also known as bariatric surgeries, can save lives and reverse the negative effects of obesity. Patients in need of weight loss surgery have several options. No matter the procedure, the goal of weight loss surgery is to reduce the amount of food a patient’s stomach can hold and restrict the amount of nutrients the body absorbs. 

This helps the patient to feel satisfied after eating significantly smaller amounts of food than they did before surgery. At NOVA Bariatrics and Minimally Invasive Surgery, we assist patients in their fight against obesity by performing:

  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Duodenal Switch
One of the Best Weight Loss Doctors in Dallas

Non Surgical Weight Loss Solutions

Do you need help losing weight and regaining your confidence and wellness? Are you afraid of potential side effects or costs of invasive surgery? Then, one of our non surgical weight loss procedures may be the choice for you! Non surgical weight loss is often called medical weight loss in Dallas and throughout the U.S.

We use the following non-surgical procedures to help obese patients who have unsuccessfully attempted to lose weight with diet and exercise alone:

  • Obalon Balloon
  • Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty
One of the Best Weight Loss Doctors in Dallas

Minimally Invasive Surgery Solutions

Dr. Mustafa Alibhai specializes in performing laparoscopy and robotic surgeries that only require tiny incisions on the patient’s abdomen. Instead of traditionally performing open surgery with larger incisions, the doctor is able to carry out procedures with greater accuracy by using robotic technology. This helps patients to heal faster and recover with less pain. At NOVA Bariatrics, we use minimally invasive techniques to treat these issues:

  • Hernia (Hiatal, Abdominal Wall)
  • Acid Reflux
  • Gallbladder

Our Commitment to You

Partnership on Your Journey

No one becomes obese over night. Each of us gains pounds one at a time, and we lose them the same way. Dr. Alibhai understands that your weight loss journey is one that is best carried out with a team to keep you motivated as you work towards hitting your goals. As one of the best doctors for surgical and medical weight loss in Dallas, he personally invests in each of his patient’s successes and avails himself and his staff as partners on your weight loss journey.

Personalized Treatment Plans

It’s true, there are some weight loss clinics in DFW and beyond that have great options, but each patient requires unique care. There is a weight loss solution that’s just right for you and NOVA Bariatrics and Minimally Invasive Surgery uses our knowledge and expertise to find your perfect solution.

Easier Recovery

Whenever possible, we use our minimally invasive surgical procedures to execute weight loss surgeries, hernia repair, gallbladder removal and acid reflux corrections. By doing so, we increase the likelihood that you will recover from surgery quickly and with lower risks of post-surgical complications.

NOVA Bariatrics has Partnered with Virtual Health Platforms (VHP) to Give Our Patients Medical Help On Demand

Ever find yourself searching online for fitness or diet advice along your weight loss journey? Because NOVA Bariatrics and Minimally Invasive Surgery is one among the best clinics for surgical and medical weight loss in Dallas, we give each of our weight loss patients access to powerful on demand services like:

Surgery aftercare

A 24/7 real life dietician

Video fitness classes

Online or in- app fitness diary

Personalized activity Tracker

With VHP, all of our patients can access around the clock care – day or night.

Is There a Cure for Obesity?

Curing obesity is not for the faint at heart. If you are ready for a change or tired of feeling like you’re not living your best life, we can help you manage and end your obesity for good! As Dr. Alibhai always says, it’s a journey, but we will be here providing help and solutions as long as you need us.

Is Weight Loss Surgery the Right Answer for You?

Dr. Alibhai is a excellent surgeon, he saved my life back in 2017.

"Multiple other doctors tried to send me home because they couldn’t diagnose the issue. Dr. Alibhai got me into surgery ASAP and is THE best doctor I have ever had."

Katherine – November 25, 2019

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