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Gastric Sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve is a weight loss procedure that is performed which results weight loss by restricting the amount of food intake of an individual. This procedure provides a decrease in appetite because ¾ of the stomach is converted. This procedure is minimally invasive and is performed laparoscopically or robotically. The Gastric Sleeve is the most common weight loss surgical procedure that is used in the U.S. This procedure also helps speed up metabolism by increasing certain hormones that have a positive effect and increase the weight loss and resolution of other medical problems.

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Dr. Alibhai

With Dr. Alibhai’s training in minimally invasive and robotic surgery, he performs a wide range of general surgical procedures as well including:

  • Robotic Gallbladder surgery
  • Robotic hernia surgery
  • Acid Reflux surgery

Mustafa H. Alibhai,MD,FACS,FASMBS

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Side Effects & Risks

Side Effects/ Risks:
  • Some hormonal changes
  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Blood Clots
  • Leaks from the cut edge of stomach
  • Infection
Advantages of this procedure are that,
  • Allows for only a cup of food to be taken at a time
  • Less calorie intake

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  1. Small incisions are made in the abdomen for trocars (creates opening in body) to be inserted.
  2. Boogie tube is then placed in the stomach and serves as a sizer of the new stomach
  3. Stapler is used to divide stomach into two parts
  4. Once the stomach is divided the new stomach is formed and it is only around 25% of the new stomach