Minimally Invasive General Surgery

Minimally invasive general surgery

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery is a term that just means smaller incisions. This type of surgery is very effective and provides patients with a faster recovery period. Benefits with minimally invasive surgery include less blood, less scarring, reduced infection risk, and shorter hospitalization.

Robotic surgery with the Da Vinci surgery system is a less invasive technique that includes a combination of the best parts of open and minimally invasive surgery. It includes small incisions of laparoscopic surgery with advanced wrist movement and 3D visualization of open surgery. The Da Vinci robotic system is able to translate the surgeons hand movements in real time by controlling and manipulating the surgical instruments as instructed. This allows the surgeon to successfully perform delicate surgeries in places that are more difficult to reach.  


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Dr. Alibhai

With Dr. Alibhai’s training in minimally invasive and robotic surgery, he performs a wide range of general surgical procedures as well including:

  • Robotic Gallbladder surgery
  • Robotic hernia surgery
  • Acid Reflux surgery

Mustafa H. Alibhai,MD,FACS,FASMBS

What are the advantages of robotic surgery?

  • Greater surgical precision 
  • Improved access and visualization 
  • Increased range of motion
  • Less pain