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What is robotic surgery

Robotic bariatric (weight loss) surgery uses a cutting edge robot called the da Vinci Robotic System. Robotic surgery uses small incisions instead of a large traditional incision, therefore is less invasive

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Dr. Alibhai has multiple years of experience with this system and is only a handful of doctors that have this sort of experience with the Da Vinci Machine.

Most candidate that are considered for robotic surgery are usually severely obese. Severely obese is considered a BMI over 40%. Other factors include age, other symptoms like high blood pressure, etc. If you are wondering if you are a candidate for robotic surgery you can call to schedule and appointment with Dr. Alibhai for a consultation, and see if you qualify.

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Dr. Alibhai

  • Bachelor in Science- Southern Methodist University
  • Medical School- UT Southwestern
  • Residency- UT Southwestern
  • Bariatric Fellowship- Bariatric Medical Institute San Antonio
  • Robotic Fellowship- McGovern Medical School at UT Health Houston

Mustafa H. Alibhai, MD, FACS, FASMBS

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Side Effects & Risks


Compared to traditional weightloss surgeries, robotic surgery offers many benefits regarding your recovery time for example:


  • Quicker recovery time
  • Less painful procedure 
  • Faster scarring recovery
  • Lower infection rates
  • Quicker hospital visit
  • Lower risk of follow-up surgery

The risks involved with robotic surgery include, dehydration, nutrition deficiency, and leakage from bowel area.

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