Cheryl Campbell:

“I was over 300 pounds. My whole body ached. I knew I needed to get the surgery. The challenges I faced every day were not easy. My breathing, walking, sleeping, everyday chores were not easy task. Now I enjoy walking easier, breathing without gasping, I can clean without having to rest every 5 minutes, and now I sleep all night. My friends and family are so happy I chose to do the surgery. I have no regrets about my decision.”

Nova Bariatrics has made my experience fun and exciting. Every phone call or visit is filled with concern. And we laugh, joke but most of all we have fun. Dr. Alibhai is the best doctor to help with whatever decision you make. He explained everything to me and my boyfriend. Listened to our concerns and and answered all of our questions. I made the decision on the first office visit and we got the ball rolling. Thank you Dr. Alibhai and all of the staff at Nova Bariatrics.”- Cheryl 

Two years later, I am still delighted with my outcome...

In December 2018, Dr. Alibhai performed a “paraesophageal hernia repair with
fundoplication” on me. I had a huge hiatal hernia that allowed my stomach to move upward, putting a z-bend in my esophagus. I also had intermittent reflux issues. My return to normalcy was gradual over about 3 months. Two years later, I am still delighted with my outcome; not only is my swallowing function as good as it always has been, but I’ve had no reflux experience post-surgery. A surprise benefit is that my cardio workouts prove my respiratory function improvement as a result of my stomach no longer crowding my lungs. Dr. Alibhai was the model of a patient, considerate physician; he took great pains to explain my conditions and the repair procedure. He is and outstanding physician, one of the most memorable I have had in my 70 years.

Aaron Peters - December 7, 2019

Dr. Alibhai is an excellent surgeon and he saved my life back in 2017...

Multiple other doctors tried to send me home because they couldn’t diagnose the issue. He got me into surgery ASAP and is THE best doctor I have ever had. I’ve never had a doctor who was more caring. I wish I could go to him for everything…you don’t find many doctors with his skill and that actually care about their patients. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Katherine - November 25, 2019

Not only was Dr. Alibhai professional and a great surgeon, his bedside manner was also fantastic...

I was lucky enough to have Dr. Alibhai as my surgeon. He performed an emergency appendectomy that had already burst on me. Not only was he Professional and a great surgeon, his bedside manner was also fantastic. He explained everything and answered all of mine and my families questions. In addition, my CT scan showed I had a hernia and he fixed that as well while I was under. I highly recommend Dr. Alibhai if you are in need of a surgeon for an appendectomy or hernia.

Kendall Smith - Jan 31, 2018

Had a great experience with Dr. Alibhai

He was urgent in response to diagnosing my gallbladder issues and prompt in scheduling surgery after conducting thorough testing and analysis to ensure having surgery was the best move. He is always was available for any questions I had. I’m glad to have been in great hands!

Meiosha Sutton - Feb 25, 2016

Had a great experience with Dr. Alibhai...

Had a great experience with Dr. Alibhai, his knowledge and experience were amazing. He listens to his patient very carefully and advise them with what’s best for them. I will refer my friends and family to his office.
Imran Walliani- Feb 25, 2016

Dr Alibhai is very experienced surgeon...

Dr Alibhai is very experienced surgeon who did awesome job for us and their staff are professional care about their patients.
Sham Jowsaki - Feb 25, 2016