What does a Gastric Sleeve Diet Plan Look Like?

May 19, 2022

The Gastric sleeve diet plan is a healthy way of losing weight by eating food that can fill your stomach and prevent you from craving food frequently. A gastric sleeve has become one of  the most popular procedures for weight loss, where a small portion of the stomach is removed to achieve significant weight loss in dallas. The procedure is often referred to as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, or VSG because it removes about 80% of the stomach’s size. One common benefit of this is that you’ll be able to feel full with less food than before.
Gastric Sleeve Diet Plan
The Gastric sleeve diet plan is structured into 4 stages that are  designed to help you lose weight and prevent any post-op complications from surgery. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the post-op diet guidelines after the sleeve to ensure you are successful.
A gastric sleeve diet plan is completed under the guidance of a registered dietitian nutritionist who will work with you to design the perfect plan for YOUR body. The dietitian will set up the plan so that you are getting all the nutrients that your body needs daily while losing weight at a safe rate.
The Gastric sleeve diet plan should be followed for life to ensure that you lose weight and keep it off long-term. Follow-ups after bariatric surgery with the doctor and dietitian are extremely important to achieve your weight loss goals.
The post-op diet after a gastric sleeve consists of 4 stages:
Stage 1: Clear liquids (days 1-3)
Stage 2: Full liquids (Days 4-21)
Stage 3: Soft Foods
Stage 4: “New Normal Diet”
Nova Bariatrics is always looking for ways to improve patient health and recovery. One way we provide for our patients is by offering detailed diet plans and support  after surgery.
We are here to help you every step of the way. If you are looking for weight loss surgery doctors near me, at Nova Bariatrics, Dr. Alibhai and Dr. Gulamhusein, and our team of experts, have been helping patients just like you achieve their weight loss goals with gastric sleeve surgery. We’reWe’re committed to helping you get healthy and stay healthy for years to come with our customized gastric sleeve diets and support! Contact us today.

Dr. Mustafa H. Alibhai

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